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At The Newborn Workshops, our passion for newborn safety is what drives us. So when we came across StandInBaby (SIB) we knew we had to get on board. 

Designed by Sandra and Brendan Moffat from Australia, two specialist newborn photographers themselves, SIB was created from a like minded passion. You can read their story HERE.

To follow SIB, and to purchase your own, follow these fab online links. 

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So how will SIB be useful for us at the Workshops? Well, if you've ever attended a workshop before, you'll know it can be a busy affair. While our workshops are carefully structured, it is never possible to allow attendees to handle the tiny models we always have. Thats left for Shellie and Maddy to do, and while they're very careful to ensure everyone gets to see and photograph all aspects of what they are teaching and demonstrating, sometimes it will be extremely useful if they can hand a SIB over to allow someone to practice the mechanics of a pose, or some wrapping. Then there is lighting and set up testing. Teaching lighting on a particular pose can now be done without having to rush attendees to get their questions in and take their shots so baby can be moved. Also, no spotting required. Not only that, but the real babies we have at workshops sometimes take time to settle, or need to feed. Now that time can be filled more effectively with SIB's there to allow teaching to continue. 

The workshops we run will be a superb place for SIB's, but so will 1:1 training days that we run at our own studios. While hands on posing is often a feature, for complete beginners who perhaps lack the confidence to handle a real baby right away, a SIB will be a safe introduction to how a real newborn is weighted, how they move, and of course, how they don't. 

The other really cool use for SIB is showing parents several things. When doing parent shots we sometimes find they are not sure what we are asking them to do, so we can now show them with SIB before picking their own baby up. This will mean those shots can be done much more quickly. For composite shots we often ask parents to help, but they may not be sure what we need them to do. Out comes SIB, and we can show them exactly where to place their hands, and also demonstrate why spotting is so important. Sibling shots can also be made a lot easier using SIB. Young children can be hard to persuade to hold their new baby brother or sister for images, so with SIB it can be practiced, and they can be shown before the real baby is handled. 

The mainstay of newborn photography is actually not the posing as such. lts the soothing and settling. lf you can't get that right, you won't be posing anyone, so while SIB will be hugely beneficial, it can't ever replace real models for training. SIB was designed to replicate many aspects of a real newborn, but it cannot ever replace one. lt cannot show how to watch for temperature or circulation for example, so should not ever be used to completely replace specialist newborn training, but rather be an aid to it, whether for trainers themselves, or those who wish to practice what they learned on a proper newborn training course. 

Shellie and Maddy were excited to have the chance to play with a SIB prototype recently, and gathered in Shellie's studio to see what it can do. Their own SIB's are due in July, and will be at all workshops and 1:1 training they hold after that. Here are some images from their day. 

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SIB can be used to demonstrate how to safely do a composite shot for the frog pose, whether we are teaching the pose at training, or showing parents how to hold baby for the shot.