Hosting If you would like a FREE WORKSHOP PLACE the way to do it is to host a workshop in your own studio!

This works for us in so many ways, and proves to be way better for all involved.

The studio envoironment lends itself perfectly for hosting a workshop of this kind, the studio owner knows the area and can help with accomodation, local facilities and parking. They can also help us to source the all important models on the day. 

However, there are certain criteria that MUST be met before we will consider using your studio. Please see the list below, and if you meet all the requirements and would like to be considered in the future, then please do get in touch with as much information about your studio space as possible.

  • Your studio must be a minumum of 100 ft sq
  • You must have a suitable newborn posing beanbag of at least 40 inches width
  • Studio must have seating for 25 people, and comfy seating for parents
  • Building must have adequate toilet facilities, and a suitable baby changing area
  • Studio must have reasonable access to parking and public transport.

We also request that you arrange the meal the night before, and catering on the day, even though we will foot the bills. 

We ask that you properly promote the workshop, and also source the two morning newborn models, as well as those required for the afternoon.

We may also ask if you have certain equipment available for use on the day, such as backdrop stands, vinyl flooring or similar. This list will be forwarded to you upon your enquiry. This is especially of benefit to us if we are coming from some distance. Please also ensure you have a good selection of newborn accessories. lf you dont please say so we can bring some.