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The Newborn Workshop Attendees Facebook Support Group

09 Jun 2016


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So you've had a super day and learned loads on your chosen newborn workshop or 1:1, just as you hoped you would. Now what? You get home buzzing with ideas and plans on what to do next. Then you realise you're not only nervous with your first newborn model in front of you, but your mind has gone blank. Afterwards you realise you struggled to get baby to sleep and wondered what you did wrong. Then you realise you don't really know how to edit the baby's flaky skin, or the purple hands, or how to background fade. How amazing would it be to have those who trained you on tap for advice and tips long after the workshop itself? 

Well, when you attend one of our workshops you are invited to join our private Facebook group. In there its not just us who are available as much as we can be to support you, but so are the hundreds of others we have trained. They are at all levels of experience and can offer lots of tips and tricks, resources, ideas and critique. 

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We have nothing but good times in there, where people are kind with critique, respectful of each others abilities and level of experience.

Also, we have exclusive video tutorials not available anywhere else, and are able to create new ones covering anything upon request. 

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There is no time limit on group membership either. Once you're in, you're in for as long as you'd like to be. 

As people get further along their journey to being a newborn photographer, its not unusual for them to have more advanced posing training to take their skills up a notch. Shellie, Rob and Maddy offer exclusive offers on advanced training and 1:1s to previous attendees and group members. 

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Read here what a few group members have to say about the group: 

"Having attended the newborn workshop training with Maddie and Shellie I gained a huge amount of incredibly valuable information, tips, hints and advice regarding all aspects of newborn photography. It takes time to digest everything you have learnt,and this is where the workshop attendees group comes in handy, you can chat to those who attended your training day as well as everyone else who had been on one. From getting CC on your images, to helping find a prop maker, you can't beat this group for friendly advice on anything newborn, posing or business related, it has helped me become the photographer I am today" - Stacey Jade Lewis

"I feel like I really got my money's worth with this course. Not only was the day itself so amazing and helpful, being able to meet everyone for dinner the night before is something not to be missed! Here I learnt so much and got to ask as many questions as I liked not only to the trainers but the attendees too! I come away that weekend with so many new ideas, and although I still have so much room for improvement, I could instantly see the difference in my work (as well as the rise in bookings and interest.) Now you would assume that's it you have paid your money, the course is over now your on your own to remember it all and learn the rest for yourself. But no! You get invited to join the attendees group on Facebook. I am already part of a few newborn and baby groups and associations and I can honestly say on none of them are the people and friendly and helpful as this one! Maddy, Shellie and Rob all take the time to help answer your questions and give feedback on your work and everyone else chips in to help were they can too. It's so lovely to be part of a group were everyone actually wants to help you improve and takes the time to responded to you. Money well spent that's for sure!!" - Daisy Tokeley

"The Facebook group for workshop attendees is such a helpful and amazing source of information. If you have a question Maddy or Shellie are usually quick to offer their advise or other fellow members. It's good being able to sometimes offer advise to other group members too if it's something you are confident in. It's also nice seeing other members images and their styles developing and is inspirational in that way." - Jill Anderson

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