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How Do You Choose the Right Newborn Training?

06 Jun 2016

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With so many to choose from at different prices and locations, it can be easy to get confused by what is on offer. Here we'd like to go through some things we think are important, and suggest what to look out for on your quest to choose the right course for you.

Firstly, you must decide what it is you want to get from the course. lf you're a complete beginner then maybe a group setting teaching the basics will be fine. lf you're already trading and want to up your game with more refined posing, maybe a 1:1 would be best as you can tell the trainer exactly what you need. Maybe you just want to watch a favourite photographer do her thing, or do you want to learn posing itself.  lf you can hone in on your needs you're more likely to get the best form your chosen training. 

So, having decided what you need, you then need to look at what is on offer. Sadly anyone can set up as a newborn trainer but it certainly doesn't mean they should. lt's best for you, and for the industry, if you choose those with experience, insurance, and a good reputation. So, how long have they been training? What is their background? How long have they been a newborn photographer?  


Before booking on a newborn course, check out not only their website but also the websites and Facebook pages of them as trainers if they're training as a team. Check out the refinement of their images

If their images aren't refined you can't expect them to teach you and advise you on how to pose and achieve fantastic images. 

Heres a check list of things to look out for.

  • ls their posing done well
  • Do the babies look settled, relaxed and comfortable
  • Are fingers well positioned and not red or purple
  • ls the lighting flattering? (No horror lighting, yellow blown patches, odd colour casts)
  • Can they achieve consistent good skin tones
  • ls their editing of a high standard 
  • Do they talk about safety on their website/page
  • Do they have reviews of their training available
  • Do they have client reviews available. 

Yes, that last point is vital. Don't ever choose training based on price if you're not a fan of the work of the trainer. 

Awards and qualifications in photography aren't always a true indication of the standard of training provided. The awards are given for images, not for training. Just because someone can win awards in photography doesn't mean they can teach newborn posing etc. 

A very expensive or very cheap course does not necessarily mean one is better or worse than the other, it can simply be that one has more or less overheads than the other. 

Hands on training requires a lot of support and guidance as well as having huge safety implications, so we would only recommend that hands on training is undertaken within a 1:1 environment. The models are newborn babies, and its not appropriate to try to allow perhaps a dozen people the chance to simply touch it, claiming its hands on posing. The ONLY useful hands on posing is where you have complete hands on, from settling to posing a whole pose, or even a whole session. Simply being allowed to move hands or feet isn't helpful or kind to the baby. 

Of course we'd love photographers to book onto our workshops and we feel our experience, backgrounds and what we have to offer is of an incredibly high standard. Our ongoing support , from not only us but all past attendees of varying levels of expertise, within our exclusive private Facebook group is second to none. However, if you choose not to train with us PLEASE do choose your trainers very carefully and look for the above mentioned criteria in order to get the utmost from your training experience. 

Take a look at our website for more information or to book a place : or email for further information [email protected]

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