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Weymouth Workshop May 2015

We took a long trip down to Weymouth this month. lts a beautiful place, thats for sure. Big thanks to Nicky from Nicky Peters-Neil Photography for hosting for us. 


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Hertfordshire Workshop - March 2015

This workshop was hosted by the lovely Carli from Bailey and Belle Photography.

We had access to a super studio, with lots of lush props, and the use of the award winning Rob Mank who helped us with some flash lighting.

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Manchester Workshop, October 2014

October saw Manchester again. Certainly one of our most requested workshop destinations. We were hosted by the lovely Katie from Katie Lucas Photography.


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Southport Workshop, September 2014

We were hosted by the FAB Jo Rutherford Photography in Southport. Jo was a superb host, and we had a lovely set of attendees, and of course, babies! 


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Nottingham Workshop July 2014

The Nottingham workshop was fabulous, with a stunning natural light filled studio hosting us, glorious weather, and even a celebrity attendee! 

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Wales Workshop

Wales asked us to we went! 

Our host was the lovely Victoria from Sweet Pea Photography in Porthcawl, Wales.

By allowing us to use her lovely studio, she earned a free place on the workshop, as well as a brand new beanbag from Newborn Baby Posing Limited!

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Norway Workshop

On April 26th we held a workshop in the gorgeous Norway! 

Read on to see how it went. 

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Dublin Workshop

 Dublin asked us to hold a workshop, and we were offered a fantastic studio to use on the day. 

To see more, please read on.


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Hastings Newborn Posing Workshop

Hastings workshop in October was a great fun filled day, with lovely attendees, gorgeous models, and a fab host.

Read on to meet them all.

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NEW!! Newborn Posing Workshop Video Tutorials - COMING SOON!

We are soon to start selling video posing tutorials directly from the website! 

These videos will show a different pose, with full narration, and will also have an editing video tutorial add on where appropriate. 

Read on to see more!

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